Sunday, January 4, 2009


When I saw you there before me
I almost turned away
You just stared in disbelief
Because I smiled and waved
The time has turned my bitterness
Into a sad regret
And it was good to finally talk to you
And lay our past to rest
You were once my deepest pain
But once you were my friend
And a part of me was holding on
Until I saw you again
I couldn’t bear to see it end
With rage and jealousy
A feeling once so beautiful
Should die with dignity.


Never shared a hug,
Didn't get kissed,
Never held hands,
And our good times won't be missed
But years have went by
We just couldn't last,
Friends didn't work
I'm sure you remember our past
I did you wrong,
But yeah you deserved it
With the rules of dating,
You just sort of curved it
I was supposed to be your girl
But you didn't treat me with respect,
After that one night,
Our relationship was wrecked
You told lies when it was over,
But I'm not tripping you see
To this day I thank God
We weren't meant to be


I miss the love you gave to me
I wish you would come and save me
I miss it when you held me close
I wish I was the one you love most
I miss your gentle touch
I wish you would love me as much
I miss your soft sweet voice
I wish I could be your one and only choice
I miss the way youd say I love you
And how you’d wish to god I would say I love you too
I miss your soft sweet kiss
I wish you could only see through the mist
I miss the kind words you used to say
I wish that they could only stay
I miss the smell of your cologne
I wish you knew how it felt to be all alone
I miss you with all my heart N’ soul
I wish would come back and be smart!


Looking Back

As I looked back I saw you.
I saw joy with you.
I saw love with you.
But when I looked back to reach out my hand to you
Why did I suddenly go blind?

As I looked back I heard you.
I heard you say that you would never hurt me.
I heard you say that you would always be there.
But when I looked back to hear you say I love you
Why did I suddenly go deaf?

As I looked back I felt you.
I felt you hold me in your arms.
I felt you touch me like your hands were made for my body.
But when I looked back to feel you hold me in my time of need
Why did I suddenly go numb?

As I look back now you’re gone.
I watched you hurt me.
I watched you walk away.
But when I look back now you’re just a memory.
A memory that my heart will never forget.

But now I'm looking forward.
I’m looking forward to being happy.
I'm looking forward to a new future.
I'm looking forward and never looking back.


Not long ago I once had true love,
That I thought would last life and more
Each day filled with happiness, devotion and yes love,
Which deeply filled my heart evermore
But one-day things just fell apart,
Hearts then split in two
Tearing, tearing, tearing apart,
Then made me wonder shall I ever become anew
To this day I now wonder in loneliness,
Thus pondering which way to go
Will such a path again be in my mist,
Sadly that is something I do not know
As I have learned from friends around,
Absence makes the heart not only grow fonder
Yet will also make it wonder to then be found,
That one day someone like me can become stronger.


It is over now and times have changed.
You promised to stay close, but we are far out of range.
I was hoping to always stay friends,
Another promise, for if it were to ever end.
Why is it like this? You know my heart is torn.
There is no way to sew it,
For I’ve been pierced with the strongest horn.
I’m trying to move on and better my life,
But I could only envision you as my wife.
I think of you night and day,
Wondering why you left me feeling this way.
Is it something I did? or is it something I said?
Is it because I spent too much time on those metal beds?
I hope to find answers by asking people for advice,
But then I realized that they don’t live my life.
I want to write you to get it clear,
But in my heart, I am so full of fear.
Fear of you not reading my letter;
Fear that you already found someone better.
I no longer want to live in this darkness.
I no longer want this emptiness.
So I wrote this poem in search of some answers.
If you can give some, it would make my life so much easier.
Know that all this is from my heart, and all is true...
Know that I will always and forever love you.


We always told each other our feelings of love

And how we would be lost without each other

You have continued to live with ease

But I wonder why I should even bother.

My feelings of love were true

We agreed to never say goodbye

I was always honest with you about everything

But I wonder if all you said was a lie.

You took my heart when you left

So without you, there is no me

You have found someone new to make you happy

But I wonder if for me, happiness could ever be.

I really did love and care about you

You were an angel, one of a kind

I will never forget you, never stop loving you

But I wonder if I am still in your heart and mind.