Sunday, January 4, 2009


I try so hard to keep my tears away,
But I can’t
I try to hide my pain away from you
I wish that can fade away
And never turning back
My sorrow is so deep and painful
And there’s no cure
But I try to keep asking myself
“is it really the end of our love?”
every time when you bring me pain
and locked in my innocent heart
then I hide my tears away from you
just don’t see me how much I am hurt and suffer
sometimes I think to myself
“Do I still belong to your heart?”
and I try to forget that question
but every day my curious grow every single day
all I can say that I love you and need you
in my dreams I saw how is our love dieing and slowly disappear into the shadows
I don’t want to lose you
You are my only hope who I ever had
You don’t know how much I suffer for you
Of scores you don’t know
Cause I always hide my emotions from you
And I can’t take this anymore
When I see you sometimes I just want to scream on you
Cause you always bring me a lot of pain in my heart
And I can’t take this anymore
I want to scream but I can’t
I want to share pain with you
But I don’t want
Cause I am afraid that you don’t get hurt, too!
I don’t want to say goodbye to you
I can’t live without you
So stay with me
And give me joy and happiness
Cause my heart need that!
So stay with me!

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