Sunday, January 4, 2009


The glowing skies
The golden sands
The Mediterranean Sea
These three things bring back
Cherished memories to me.

The bright yellow roses,
Smelt like honey from the bee
The old wooden bench
Sat under the large Birch tree.

His eyes were deep,
As blue as any ocean
His gentle smile,
His voice unspoken.

I entered the garden
An innocent girl,
Now slowly a woman
Would gently unfurl,
With a heart which had
Not yet been broken.

The humid hot air hung
Like steam from a sauna
Was this man hiding
His true persona?
No one would know him,
In the way that I did,
Romantic - my Prince Charming
He had kept well hid.

But now the years
Have parted us
Though I don’t know
Where he is,
I know that when back in
My memories I search,
We're back there together
In love under that Birch.

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