Sunday, January 4, 2009


Entering in through the open door,
to join a crowd of such alot more.
The evening hours had just begun,
as more folk entered for the fun.

With a good selection close not far,
drinks are ordered from the bar.
A period of time to celebrate,
as more folk arrive through the gate.

The use of speech fills the air,
within the room funished with care.
Seats reserved for a crowd of twelve,
there to sort out amongst themselves.

A table laid for use with food,
from the menus where eyes are glued.
A dish to begin, plus main course,
all to be ordered with such force.

Requests are taken and during the wait,
for arrival of food upon the plate.
Talks go on around the bench,
together with drinks to help and quench.

Music plays in the evening light,
for all pleasure and such delight.
Meals are handed, there to enjoy,
in such silence and employ.

Linda, Sally, Sandy, Sue,
Mary, Tony, Jean and James too.
Joining Kathryn at the bar,
as a farewell tune plays to the star.

A final round of drink delivered,
together with a toast as speech is said.
To wish success and all the best,
as a goodbye word is well addressed.

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