Sunday, January 4, 2009


How do we say goodbye
To someone so close?
As we ask ourselves why,
When you're looked up to the most.

You've come to mean so much
To every one of us.
Our hearts you have touched,
As we gave you our trust.

You've helped us in so many ways,
Giving us the courage to go on.
And even after the hardest days,
We all managed to stay strong.

We would've never survived
Without your constant support.
You've always been at our side,
Willing to do any task of any sort.

You've always been the glue,
Molding us together like concrete,
Creating such a close-knit crew,
Making all of our days complete.

So, let's just say "take care",
Because "goodbye" seems too final.
Maybe we'll see you again somewhere,
Remembering you always with a smile!

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