Sunday, January 4, 2009


We all believed we could be
the best of them,
We all believed we could do
the best of things.
I guess we thought the world
would never end.
Things were so different then.
Now, we're just old friends,

When we were kids just growing up
we thought we knew it all.
Years later we've discovered
we knew nothing at all,
and we're still learning
how to climb and how to fall.
We're just old friends,

The way we thought we'd conquer
all the mountains in our way.
The way we were so sure of all
the dragons we would slay,
But ain't it funny how
reality gets in the way.
Just old friends,

Now, we see our children growing up
so sure, we don't know or understand.
So far away from us that we can't
even lend a helping hand.
We see ourselves, the way we were,
way back then.
But now, we're just old friends,

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