Sunday, January 4, 2009


It is over now and times have changed.
You promised to stay close, but we are far out of range.
I was hoping to always stay friends,
Another promise, for if it were to ever end.
Why is it like this? You know my heart is torn.
There is no way to sew it,
For I’ve been pierced with the strongest horn.
I’m trying to move on and better my life,
But I could only envision you as my wife.
I think of you night and day,
Wondering why you left me feeling this way.
Is it something I did? or is it something I said?
Is it because I spent too much time on those metal beds?
I hope to find answers by asking people for advice,
But then I realized that they don’t live my life.
I want to write you to get it clear,
But in my heart, I am so full of fear.
Fear of you not reading my letter;
Fear that you already found someone better.
I no longer want to live in this darkness.
I no longer want this emptiness.
So I wrote this poem in search of some answers.
If you can give some, it would make my life so much easier.
Know that all this is from my heart, and all is true...
Know that I will always and forever love you.

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