Sunday, January 4, 2009


As I sit on this memorable place
It surely reminds me of your face.

On this place you said goodbye
On this place I said I’ll die.

You stood right and end up everything
Without letting me say anything.

But then it’s just aright
At least we didn’t end up fight.

I gave up and set you free
It is for you, not me.

I haven’t seen your real smile
With me, for a long while.

It’s not what I wished for
To make you happy is I aim for.

So I let go and give up
And still, I’m here looking up.

Reminiscing those moments with you
But still I have nothing to do.

Quickly, it was lost in a moment.
Coz I know we’re not meant.

Those times didn’t last
Coz we took love, so fast.

So much to take this pain
Without any love to gain.

This terrible heartache
Make my smiles fake.

So much lies for this heart
So it was broken apart.

Words will no longer be right
Though I stood up and fight.

For the times we spent together
And for the times I wished forever.

For the memories left inside
And for the feelings I used to hide.

For the thoughts that’s still here
And for the words you said clear.

For the promises we used to swear
And for the love we spend and share.

In this place I’ll get rid and forget
Without thinking, I might regret.

With a final kiss I’ll say goodbye
I’ll be leaving this place without a cry.

Now, I’ll let these memories fly
As high as heavens, and then goodbye.

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