Sunday, January 4, 2009


Colliding with my out held hands
Watching each piece of glass shatter
Fantasy after fantasy consuming me
A new life to experience and entertain
The thoughts of your existance and suffering
Have long since left my restless mind
You left me long behind
In this pit of mud you call my home
Waiting whilst you study me
You're eyes seeing through this charade of smiles
I've lost the will to care for you
As you have been banished from the fantasies
The world is changing around me
Including the toxic indulgence of you
Yet here I stand in line
Not moving a muscle whilst my mind wanders
For I have found peace
With each pull of the strings
Whilst the violins and cellos sing me to sleep
Each night I watch you leave
And lie back once again
One day I shall surpass you
I shall adorn my corset and my top hat
Then stare you in the eye
A inferior being of little magnitude
I will have grown from you
Whether you're dead or alive
I care little for you now
It's your turn to watch me walk away
Dignity in my stance and fantasy in my mind

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