Sunday, January 4, 2009


Entering dream world
where it's just you and me
need to feel your actual touch
instead of what i dream
because those illusions will never be enough
only your love can complete me
i know that sounds cliche
but if you were to look into my eyes
you'd see that there is truth in what i say
but of course there will be
no gazing in eyes
because in my mind
is the only place we will lie
together soaking up each other's presence
because in the land where we dwell
might as well be our living hell
because there is a distance
that forces us apart
and there will never be an instance
where we can fulfill the desires of our hearts

outside my head
where we long for our love to be shared
is wasted
and the fact that we're faced with
is that we will never be
so therefore
we can never see
the great potential
of what we could probably be
and that is the truth of the matter
even though
those aren't the words that we're after
but let's face it
if we were to explore those feelings
it would end in a disaster
a devastating catastrophe
so i implore thee
don't think of what we could be
but what we are

feel love's breeze
take in it's warmth
that's me using wind's wings
to touch your heart
to show you
no matter how far the distance
and how strong the doubts
we will be together in the instant
one of us closes our eyes
and feels love flying across the skys
it needs to reach you
to speak to you
listen to the wind's whispers
it will comfort you
wrap you up
and hold you tight
give you peace
all through the night

release all the feelings
that have you bound
behind the pages of a spiral notebook
that have never been found
these are the words
that we need to hear about
there's no point in denying the truth
because it's out
freed behind the caged bars
of my once broken heart
that longs for the truth to be told
so watch as the letters unfold
and hear the words
that have already been spoke
about two people
that can never witness
the love that there heart's hold

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