Sunday, January 4, 2009


A teardrop falls from Heaven
Slowly falling to the ground
The silence is shattering
Nothing moves or makes a sound

To look down and see your faces
Makes me yearn to come back home
To tell you how much I love you
Not let you go on all alone

But if you search the silence
Its not really as it seems
For can't you hear the laughter
Reaching you through Heavens beams

I know that you all miss me
God knows I miss you too
But please take comfort in these words
I'm going to give to you

There are many kinds of tear drops
Not all are sad and blue
But mine are ones of pride and joy
For having loved so true.

You'll always be a part of me
For you are deep within my heart
The feelings that I have for you
Time can never take nor part

So when your eyes are glistening
And a teardrop slowly falls
Remember me with all your heart
See me standing proud and tall

So next time you feel a teardrop
And its fallen from the sky
It's just me talking to a friend
And made the Angels cry

I just told them our story
They know how much I loved you so
Even God didn't want to tell me
" Close your eyes, it's time to go

But through the tears I will live on
I'll know then you're thinking of me
The cool rush of memories...Bitter Sweet
That will last all of eternity.

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